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Seaspension Technologies, Inc. - Shock Mitigation Systems for Boats with Military, Commercial, and Recreational Applications. Sit Down and Enjoy the Ride!

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Seaspension products were designed to reduce jolts through the legs and back, absorb shock-waves and repeated pounding, reduce fatigue, create a safer, more comfortable seating environment for you and your crew, and each is engineered for maximum strength. Seaspension has products for Recreational, Military, and Commercial applications. We also have opportunities for Distributors/Resellers. Our shock mitigation products help our boating clients sit down and enjoy the ride.

VALUES: Our Integrity, Honesty and Quality are based on our Christian Beliefs. Our Growth, Profitability and Leadership result from our efforts to provide the highest Customer Care & Satisfaction as if working for the Lord.

VISION: Be a strong, customer focused company known globally as a leader of innovative and cost-effective marine shock-mitigating technology.

MISSION: Grow Seaspension’s business by communicating the Price, Performance and Payload benefits of marine shock-mitigation technology accepted by the military to the commercial and recreational boating markets.

Parker Boat enthusiasts - You know that sometimes the best boats come across the worst waves. Seaspension has the answer for you! You want a smooth ride when you're out enjoying your Parker Boat, so look no further. Being out on the water is a pleasurable experience that can easily end in back pain when riding on choppy water. SEASPENSION’s® pedestals mitigate shockwaves from the pounding waves, helping to reduce back and leg pain. The innovative shock-absorbing pedestals are designed to retrofit Parker boats manufactured with conventional rigid posts. In fact, our pedestals can be used as a stand-alone solo post, as a dual post bench seat, or as a tripod bolsterseat. The SEASPENSION® Solo Post are designed to bolt directly to your spider/slider combination. This means you can keep your current hardware and seat. With SEASPENSION®, you can ride the worst waves and still go home feeling rejuvenated after a long day on your Parker Boat. Click here to view our full product line. One of our Parker Boat owners who posted on's forum said:, "Like I said, just go buy Seaspension. Proven company, Proven product." Call Now and take advantage of our new lower pricing. With newly restructured pricing that beats our previous discounts, SEASPENSION® wants to help you have the smooth ride you deserve. With our pedestals, you can get the ride of a new boat without the cost. Contact Us. Only the BEST technology for the BEST boats. Check out what more of our Parker Boat customers have to say, then Go ahead, Sit Down and Enjoy the Ride! 



All Solo Pedestals - $595 (plus shipping)
Pacifica Combo Seat - $999 (plus shipping)




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