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Our integrity, honesty and quality are based on our Christian beliefs. Our growth, profitability and leadership result from our efforts to provide the highest customer care & satisfaction as if working for the Lord.


Be a strong, customer focused company known globally as a leader of innovative and cost-effective marine shock-mitigating technology.


Grow Seaspension’s business by communicating the Price, Performance and Payload benefits of marine shock-mitigation technology accepted by the military to the commercial and recreational boating markets.


Peter Burer is the President of Seaspension Technologies, Inc.,

About-us_smallPeter Burer is the President of Seaspension Technologies, Inc., based in Largo, Florida. Drawing on 25 years of entrepreneurial spirit, he started Seaspension Technologies to further promote, market and develop shock-mitigating products for the marine industry.
Peter graduated from George Mason University in Fairfax, Va., where he received a B.A. in 1981. While attending the university, he earned his Private, Instrument and Commercial Licenses, single engine airplane. Upon graduation, he took over leadership of existing, as well as initiated the development of a new computer service center in the Washington, DC area.

Searching for new and exiting challenges, Peter moved to Florida in 1987 and started a company servicing the apartment rental community. Although the business was growing, another opportunity arose in 1991 to export motorcycles to his old mother country – Holland. This developed into a retail facility there, as well providing the growth resulting in sending container loads of motorcycles to other dealers, both in Holland and Belgium. Further opportunities arose to open up a facility on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten to furnish both motorcycles and convertible cars there.

In 1999, Peter changed career direction, and learned the art and skill of the invention and new product development business. It was after riding in a go-fast boat that he realized that people got hurt due to exposure to shock loads experienced while traveling at high speeds. He focused on developing high performance, affordable shock-mitigating products for the recreational, commercial and military markets. He earned the first of his 4 patents then, with several more patents currently pending. Shock-mitigation is a relatively new discipline for the marine industry, which Peter enjoys being a key contributor in.

Peter is married to Kathryn, and enjoys raising their 2 grandchildren Izabella and Sydnee. He enjoys spending time at the beach as a way of relaxing, as well as riding his bike to start his day. When not inventing or developing new products, which are his passion as well as his ambition, he enjoys developing his clean water filtration project. It aims to provide not only clean water, but also sustainable jobs in Third World countries through the Aquabile™ mobile water filtration station. Please visit www.aquabile.org for more information. This outreach started when he lead a team of 13 to Guatemala for a missions out reach in 2010 (visit projectguatemalaoutreach.net ). Peter currently heads the Aquabile™ development to incorporate solar power and commercial usage of the mobile water filtration unit for disaster relief and sustainability. Peter practices Christian faith principles at his company and attends Grace Connection at Pasadena, their home church. Peter can be reached at: peter@seaspension.com