Bulkhead Mounted Shock-mitigating Seat

This high-impact, small footprint shock-mitigating bolster seat was originally designed to be a direct cartridge retro-fit for the USMI 11M RIB. It is 20” wide, 22.5” front to back, and can be outfitted with the same CAR system to allow it to use the mounting points as installed in the boat. It can also be mounted to any vertical surface, or used in conjunction with a frame as shown.

The DUAL shock-dampers operate sequentially, designed to mitigate the 5th percentile Female up to the 95th percentile Male occupants without the use of any tools. The dampers mitigate impacts over 7 inches of travel, providing comfort as well as safety for the occupant.

If the need arises, the front leg-roll can be flipped up, and one may use the raised leg-roll as a lean-to. This configuration also allows additional space when required as it is only 14” deep front to back.

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