Our Beginnings

beginPeter J. Burer, company president, was riding in an off-shore sport boat, standing up, holding on as tight as he could as the boat pounded the waves, which, in turn, jarred his legs, back and neck. He started thinking that there had to be a better way to enjoy boating by somehow absorbing the shock waves inherent in a boat traveling at high speed or in rough conditions.

With this in mind, he developed a pedestal which was relatively simple in design without a lot of parts, retrofitable so it could be mounted underneath existing seats, and versatile so you could use it under a single seat a bench seat, or a bolster seat. And, most importantly, it had to be cost effective. Seaspension® was born out of this criteria and a U.S. Patent was awarded, along several other foreign patents as well.

Peter initially started another company in Largo in 1999, where most of the effort was spent developing the Seaspension® product lines. Extensive testing, both in real-time sea conditions and in the lab, was done to ensure that a strong, but lightweight and reliable product developed.

Seaspension Technologies, Inc. was founded to channel all the previous resources into today’s premier shock-mitigating systems for boat seats. Granted, there are some other products out there, most of which were designed specifically for military purposes or came from the trucking industry, but we like to say that dollar for dollar, pound for pound, we offer the best performance of any marine shock mitigating system.