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Sometimes even the best boats come across the worst waves.

If you want a smooth ride when you’re out enjoying your Parker boat, then look no further. Being out on the water is a pleasurable experience that can easily end in back pain when riding on choppy water. SEASPENSION’s® pedestals mitigate shockwaves from the pounding waves, helping to reduce back and leg pain. The innovative shock-absorbing pedestals are designed to retrofit Parker boats manufactured with conventional rigid posts. In fact, our pedestals can be used as a stand-alone Solo Post, a Bench seat or a Dual Post for larger helm seats.

The SEASPENSION® Spider Post is designed to bolt directly to your spider/slider combination. This means you can keep your current hardware and seat.

With SEASPENSION®, you can ride the worst waves and still go home feeling rejuvenated after a long day on your Parker boat.

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Parker 2520 XLD impact testing Sept. 2015

Seaspension Technologies, in conjunction with the West Coast Editor of Boating Magazine, Executive Yacht and Ship Brokers who provided the boat, and Taco Marine VP of Sales licensed to manufacture and sell Seaspension® products, did sea-trial testing off the coast of Ventura Inlet, California in a Parker boat equipped with a standard Garelick rigid pedestal on the port side, and a Seaspension® pedestal on the starboard side. The operator of the boat sitting on a model # 3029 Seaspension® pedestal was outfitted with a body wrap around his lumbar which held an accelerometer hooked up to a EDR-3C shock and vibration recorder, similar in type and model used by the U.S. Navy for impact testing. The passenger was provided with a back brace to help protect him from injury and also contained another accelerometer. A third accelerometer was taped to the deck in between the seats.

parker1 parker1

Passenger with back brace and accelerometer sitting on a rigid pedestal. Test equipment was hooked up to a PC laptop computer to which the data was down-loaded after each series of test runs. Both occupants relied solely on their respective seat bottoms to hold them in place without use of arm or foot rests.

The data below shows 2 separate test events which were captured that day and further analyzed.

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Only the BEST technology for the BEST boats. Check out what more of our Parker boat customers have to say, then Go Ahead, Sit Down and Enjoy the Ride!

“You'll like the seaspension. The Otherline has them on his 2520 mv and we fished his boat quite a bit. They are bullet proof and work as advertised.”

“I love it and cannot think of any negative at all.”

“I wouldn't leave the dock without one, I have one for 3yrs now (2011 2320sl) it is still working fine. I fish 2-3 days a week on Lake Erie 15-30mi round trip some days more. I bought it right after I had the boat what a difference in the ride.”

“I finally installed mine in and must say they were worth the wait.”

“I put two in my 2520 also. I put the SB side in first and waited a couple weeks before installing the other one. The passengers kept giving me the evil eye so I just installed the other one. Definitely makes the harder ride easier.”

“Wow. I will never go without some kind of suspension seat again. This thing is sweet. off shore yesterday in a crappy 3-4 foot head sea and i felt guilty watching my buddy in the port seat bounce around."

"The install went almost flawless, except for the broken bolt on removing the old one. even with that hurdle the exchange took about 20 minutes and a beer.”

“I have 4 posts on my 2120...1 for me and 3 for the passenger them, wouldn't ride without them.”

“Purchased one of the seaspension posts during the deal that was posted. Both myself and my brother are BIG Guys. Think College Football Linemen. I was a little apprehensive about both of us being at the top end (or a little over) of the operating rating of the post. I talked to seaspension and bought one. Some of the best money I have ever spent. I would highly recommend it.”

“We installed one and love it. We had it made 4inches taller than stock on a 2003 2520. I like it as is and visibilty is great.”

Classic Parker Forum

Well, I put the boat in between Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and put on 100 miles with 4-5 footers on Monday. Greatest test conditions. I will NEVER be out in any worse conditions than Monday. Had the pulpit buried in waves many times. Waves on windshield looked like I was in a carwash. The post performed amazingly! In waves I observed an estimated 2 inch deflection. At no time did I ever feel it “ bottomed out”, and I am currently 180 lbs (Seaspension outfitted with Medium spring). Couldn’t have worked better!!

Jim U., NJ. 2016 Parker 2120SC.

Seaspension makes the most robust product of it’s class. I have one and have seen and used the competition and they are sorely lacking in quality. Don’t let a few bucks in price lead you astray. The Seaspension® product is the best in it’s class. I have a 28 foot Parker that I run offshore out of San Diego, CA. and I can testify to it’s quality and durability. You won’t be sorry with the product.

David J. , Parker 28.

Hi Peter,

Just a note to commend you on a great system.  My Parker 2320 has been a good boat for me but I almost had to sell her and give up boating because of back pain from wave and boat chop.

Piloting my boat exacerbated my back pain to where I could not drive or barely stand at speed.  After installing the Seaspension pedestal at the helm the relief from the back pain associated with the jolts in moderate seas in my 23' Parker were gone!

RELIEF !!!!!!!

What relief!  For two years now I have resumed boating, fishing, and cruising without pain and fear that I would make port and NOT be able to walk or tend to the routine of putting the boat to rights after a trip.

In the meantime, by wife has developed back issues. So the port side seating, with your help, will be redesigned to incorporate the Seaspension System.

Thank you for designing a solution for those of us with back issues to continue to enjoy the wonder of boating with a seat system that eliminates the sharp painful jolts associated with chop in smaller boats.

Lou H., Parker 2320.

Peter, In an era where customer service dead, I just wanted to thank you for your help and quick follow up regarding my Seaspension Seats in my new Parker 2530. You are an example of what customer service should be all about! Lastly, I will never go back to regular seats! Your Seaspension seats are fantastic. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks and please feel free to pass along my comments.

Stu K. , Parker 2530

Peter, thank you for turning my seat around so quickly. It arrived yesterday, with no boating time lost. There is a noticable difference in deflection with the new spring. My first Parker was sold to me in ’08 due to the previous owners bad back. I wish more people knew about these. Thank you for your devotion and passion towards this product.

Jim U., 2016 Parker

I love the new Seaspension Pedestal I purchased from you as it makes my boating experiences more pleasant. I was a truck driver for 32 years and owned two trucks of my own and always made sure that I got the best seats that money can buy. I once again have purchased the best seat and pedestal that money can buy. Thank you.

Peter P. Parker 2120

I can't tell you how much more I have enjoyed my boat since installing the Seaspension® shock mitigating seat posts. I spend more time boating, I enjoy the ride much more and I am less fatigued! They are an absolute must for any walk - around or pilot house style boat like mine. The forward helm position of these boats can make for a very bumpy ride in all but the calmest of waters. My Seaspension® seats absorb the shock from most all chop. I'm an offshore recreational fisherman who routinely makes 50 – 100 mile runs out in the Gulf of Mexico in my 25’ Pilot House. Nothing is worse than having to endure hours of back wrenching jarring when running in short interval waves. My choice was; buy a bigger boat or try your shock mitigating seat post system. At first, I was a little skeptical as to whether or not they would make a difference. Now, I can say I will never own another boat, whether it's a center console, walk - around or pilot house, without Seaspension® seat posts. Well worth the money and a lot cheaper than a bigger boat! Great product, thank you very much!

Larry G., Tampa, FL 2006 Parker 2520 XL

Well..... did I like the new suspension seat? NO – I LOVE IT! I will never own another boat without Seaspension! They did a great job on this product. Both of my passengers couldn't believe the smooth ride.

Tommy G., Carlsbad, CA 2005 Parker 2310

I only have one complaint about your pedestal - that I didn't buy it 3 years or 1,125 hours of boat use ago

Rich S., Elkton. MD 2008 Parker 25' Sport Cabin

Went out with reports of one foot chop and found 6ft rolling waves with white caps and was able to sit down the entire time

John H., Calabash, NC 2005 Parker 2330

Had chance to really use mine the other day in a chop about 3's and 4's and I found myself bracing for the road bumps but there weren't any. As TOL said it is the "Best Money My Back Has Ever Spent".

Peter P., Wakefield, RI 2007 Parker 2120 Sport- Cabin Modified

I bought and installed the Seaspension post and it has been super for my old back. I have a folding captain’s seat on top of it. The bolt pattern matched to the old Parker base perfectly & correct height, so piece of cake to install in my 2007 Parker 2120 pilot house. It even dampens the small chop vibrations. ….It is high quality. Should have had something like this a long time ago.

Peter K., Nashville, TN 2007 Parker 2120

Installed Seaspension a few weeks ago. Don't know how I did it with out it. Its like auto pilot, you can go with out but once you do you can not live with out it.

Commercial Fishing Captain Mark Z., Pine Island, FL

Well............................Did I like the new suspension seat? NO! I Love it! This is the second best add-on I've done to my boat in 7 years. Aside from my GPS, this is definitely my favorite thing on my boat now! It made me realize that my boat was one of the main reasons my back was aching all the time. I have a sciatic nerve that gets pinched almost every time I go on my boat. I always thought I just had a bad back and thats why it hurt after a boat ride. It's those rigid seat posts. I went 2 days in a row and I feel great for the first time ever. This seat system takes the jolt out of the ride. I watched my passenger seat for two rides with 2 different friends on it. One buddy was 180 Lbs and the other around 220 Lbs. The seat goes up and down with the waves. I couldn't notice if mine was working so I had to ask my friend if it was working. It was! If you have any back problems or just don't feel like getting beat up after a long day on the water, GET THIS SYSTEM! Even if this particular system doesn't work for your application on your boat, find one that does. I will never own another boat without Seaspension! They did a great job on this product. Both of my passengers couldn't believe the smooth ride. Boat manufacturers need these on their boats because it makes the boating experience so much better! I can't wait to go off shore. Great Product! Read more from GoGo Captain about Seaspension - click here

GoGo Captain