Commercial Shock
Mitigation Solutions
Reliable performance in commercial
duty of over 6,000 hours for the
New Jersey State Police
  • Reduces jolts through the legs and back
  • Absorbs shock-waves and repeated pounding
  • Reduces boating fatigue
  • Increases your boating pleasure
  • No more standing to feel secure
  • Engineered for maximum comfort
Our Beginnings

Seaspension recognizes that many commercial boat operators are particularly prone to experience some form of discomfort, or suffer mild to severe musculoskeletal injuries when navigating a high speed craft. It has become very evident that exposure to shock loads, either from repetitive jolts or from high impact single occurrences, is an increasing risk.

Seaspension will change your boating experience as it offers a level of comfort and safety never before achieved. We have designed Seaspension with law enforcement, research, fisheries, tourism, and other commercial activities in mind.

Check out our product section to see which of our solutions fit your needs and give us a call. We invite you to
Go ahead, Sit Down and Enjoy the Ride!


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Salt Rock Restaurant Boat Fleet
Salt Rock Restaurant Boat Fleet

Salt Rock Restaurant Boat Fleet, Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Seaspension® equipped boats run an average of 200 days a year in the harshest conditions the Gulf of Mexico has to offer. Capt. Matt T. loges about 2,000 hours per year, and declares he will never go without Seaspension again. “ I’ve encountered up to 10 foot waves, and it has been the smoothest ride I’ve ever had in my professional career of commercial and charter boat fishing. I would highly recommend to any boat owner, especially commercial operators or avid fishermen, to equip their boat with Seaspension”.

Capt. Matt T., 2012 – 40’ Dorado, 500HP Cummins Marine Diesel.

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