Shock-Mitigating Systems
Sit Down & Enjoy the Ride!
  • Reduces jolts through the legs and back
  • Absorbs shock-waves and repeated pounding
  • Reduces boating fatigue
  • Increases your boating pleasure
  • No more standing to feel secure
  • Engineered for maximum comfort
Our Beginnings

SEASPENSION® shock-absorbing pedestal system will provide you with a ride which until now has been virtually impossible to duplicate. SEASPENSION® can be used as a stand-alone solo post, as a dual post bench seat, or as a tripod bolster seat. Our innovative shock-absorbing pedestals are designed to retrofit most boats which currently have conventional rigid posts.

The SEASPENSION® Solo Post are designed to bolt directly to your existing universal slider or spider slider combination. This means you can keep your current hardware and seat.


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Bat Boat Presidential

You asked about the show!

Yes, we have been recognized as the Ferrari of the Rib’s world by a majority of people magazines and fans.

Yes, we have been awarded by being one of the masterpieces of the show with that big RIB.

Yes, the Presidential Seat of yours has made a very big effects and impression for the brand. It was of the utmost professional level and the beauty as a seat of that kind can be!

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