Tampa Yacht Manufacturing 15 boat order using single non-swiveling pedestals for foreign Defense Patrol delivered on time, on budget - 2013.

Tampa Yacht

Systems Applications & Technology, Inc. (SA-TECH) was contracted by the U.S. Navy to retrofit two 35ft Cigarette offshore boats for “open ocean” testing. The retrofit included shock-mitigating seating and two Seaspension drop-down trip-pod bolsters were selected for each boat. The bolster seats look awesome in the boats and everyone who has operated the boats has been pleased with their performance.

Zachary A., Performance Shop Lead, Seaborne Targets

When the original seatposts in our 30' Aussie Cat Patrol Boat failed nearly 5 years ago, we replaced them with Seaspension Seatposts. We operate year around in all conditions, frequently at high speed. In addition, one of our officers is over 115 KG (260 lbs) which puts a lot of strain on the seatposts. Seaspension worked with us to make sure we had the right model with a progressively wound spring for our conditions. In the 5 years we have been using Seaspension, we have never had a problem or complaint with them. They have performed exactly as expected. We like Seaspension so much that we specified their installation in our newest Rocksalt aluminum patrol boat, and will specify them in all future boats.

SGT Pete W., Stamford, Connecticut Police Marine Unit

"The Seaspension bolsters you sold us are not only life savers, they are knee, back and neck savers. Our job requires us to be at the fastest speed the sea's state will allow during training. Needless to say we spend as much time in the air as we do in the water. Before we installed your bolsters high speed turns were scary and our drive time was only about two to three hours due to driver fatigue. Without your bolsters installed on our boat, I wouldn't have been able to physically complete the mission. The workmanship is top notch. They take repeated poundings yet they are just as tight and squeak free as the day they were new. One of the Navy's biggest concerns is safety, and these bolsters have boosted that safety level in ways that we would have never thought possible. Keep up the good work; you have a big winner that anyone would be crazy to pass up."

Navy Afloat Training Group Mayport

“Given what we recorded, it is reasonable to conclude that any equipment mounted on Seaspension® will be protected from impact loads which are moderate to significantly less severe than the impact loads experienced through the deck.”

Analysis of FB Nighthawk 38 sea trial w/ MK45 and LRAD

Four tri-pod Seaspension helm seat systems used per boat. Options include a 5-point safety hardness and fore/aft slider system.
"Riding on ice in an airboat is like going down a flight of stairs on your rear end. Thank God we have Seaspension onboard."

US Coast Guard Capt. Joe H. - Retired USCG/National Marine & Midwest Rescue

Double Presidential Bench Model owned by former President H.W. Bush. The Seaspension 3-pedestal system was also requested for their new boat "Fidelity IV" Photo courtesy of Fountain Powerboats Please note the Presidential Seal

34′ Fidelity III Fountain Sport Fish

"Used by the Virginia State Police, incorporates two Seaspension Pedestals underneath an aluminum bench and gun mount."

SEAARK 25′ SeaArk Rib VA State Police

"Seaspension provides shock-mitigating seats for President Obama’s security detail at the Summit of the America’s. Shock-mitigation technology allows security detail to operate more effectively at high speeds in high seas conditions. Seaspension Technologies, Inc., delivered custom shock-mitigating seating for use in twelve high speed patrol boats to be used as part of the security force for the Summit of the America’s in Trinidad on April 17-19, 2009. This conference was attended by many of the world’s leaders including President Obama. Sea trials were conducted in 6-8 foot seas, 20 knot winds, and at 50 knot speed, and performed flawlessly.

Boats equipped with side-by-side drop-down bolsters

The M80 Stiletto is a prototype naval ship manufactured by the M Ship Company as an operational experiment for The Pentagon’s Office of Force Transformation. It is notable for its hull design and carbon fiber construction, as well as, its networked architecture. It is outfitted with a compliment of other high performance shock-mitigating seats. The cabin space is limited, but there was still a need for seating additional crew members. The Seaspension Dual Post unit with a single butt pad was selected on trial basis. During both practice and operational maneuvers the Dual Post was able to meet the performance expectations. We are proud to announce that the unit was purchased and is now a permanent fixture on the craft.

M80 Stiletto

"We will be ordering more Seaspension products for our next generation of Rough Water Ribs. Now all of our Rough Water units have Seaspension Pedestals installed. We are pleased with the Seaspension Pedestal product and it's use in our official boats. Our customers really like them and we see a solid future for Seaspension in all of our craft."

Bob. R Rosborough Boats Rough Water Rib