Peter - just wanted to drop a note to say what a wonderful seat pedestal the SeaSpension turned out to be. The quality of craftsmanship and style are a tremendous value-ad to Xtaero Boats. We have a custom bolstering seat and the SeaSpension is perfect for the rough Alaska conditions we face daily. We'll be ordering more in addition to the ten already on order.

Travis B., President Xtaero Boats

“Seaspension makes the most robust product of it’s class. I have one and have seen and used the competition and they are sorely lacking in quality. Don’t let a few bucks in price lead you astray. The Seaspension® product is the best in it’s class. I have a 28 foot Parker that I run offshore out of San Diego, CA. and I can testify to it’s quality and durability. You won’t be sorry with the product.”

David J., Parker 28

Hi Peter,

Just a note to commend you on a great system.  My Parker 2320 has been a good boat for me but I almost had to sell her and give up boating because of back pain from wave and boat chop.

Piloting my boat exacerbated my back pain to where I could not drive or barely stand at speed.  After installing the Seaspension pedestal at the helm the relief from the back pain associated with the jolts in moderate seas in my 23' Parker were gone!

RELIEF !!!!!!!

What relief!  For two years now I have resumed boating, fishing, and cruising without pain and fear that I would make port and NOT be able to walk or tend to the routine of putting the boat to rights after a trip.

In the meantime, by wife has developed back issues. So the port side seating, with your help, will be redesigned to incorporate the Seaspension System.

Thank you for designing a solution for those of us with back issues to continue to enjoy the wonder of boating with a seat system that eliminates the sharp painful jolts associated with chop in smaller boats.

Lou H., Parker 2320.

I recently purchased a used Edgewater 265 Express boat that came equipped with a Seaspension Solo Post. WOW ! What an amazing difference the technology makes. Most comfortable ride I’ve ever experienced. My back and feet no longer take a pounding in rough New England seas. Wish I had discovered this technology in my previous boats.

Charles S. , Falmouth, MA

Thank you for expediting the production and shipping of the pedestals and getting them to me in time for our very limited Halibut season here in the PNW! I got them even earlier than you promised and had plenty of time to install them. Installation was a breeze. We went out on eight different trips since we received them, four of which were offshore in the Pacific Ocean and the Seaspension pedestals handled it beautifully. Two of the days had 3-5ft swells at 7 seconds that were directly perpendicular to our path, which any boater knows, is no fun. My wife happened to be on the boat both of these days and this is her first time back on the boat after getting a discectomy in her lower back last year and not only did she slay the Halibut and Lingcod, but when we got back to shore, she was more energetic than ever after a boating trip!

Quan N. , Bellingham, WA. , Defiance 220 EX

“You'll like the seaspension. The Otherline has them on his 2520 mv and we fished his boat quite a bit. They are bullet proof and work as advertised.”

“I love it and cannot think of any negative at all.”

“I wouldn't leave the dock without one, I have one for 3yrs now (2011 2320sl) it is still working fine. I fish 2-3 days a week on Lake Erie 15-30mi round trip some days more. I bought it right after I had the boat what a difference in the ride.”

“I finally installed mine in and must say they were worth the wait.”

“I put two in my 2520 also. I put the SB side in first and waited a couple weeks before installing the other one. The passengers kept giving me the evil eye so I just installed the other one. Definitely makes the harder ride easier.”

“Wow. I will never go without some kind of suspension seat again. This thing is sweet. off shore yesterday in a crappy 3-4 foot head sea and i felt guilty watching my buddy in the port seat bounce around."

"The install went almost flawless, except for the broken bolt on removing the old one. even with that hurdle the exchange took about 20 minutes and a beer.”

“I have 4 posts on my 2120...1 for me and 3 for the passenger them, wouldn't ride without them.”

“Purchased one of the seaspension posts during the deal that was posted. Both myself and my brother are BIG Guys. Think College Football Linemen. I was a little apprehensive about both of us being at the top end (or a little over) of the operating rating of the post. I talked to seaspension and bought one. Some of the best money I have ever spent. I would highly recommend it.”

“We installed one and love it. We had it made 4inches taller than stock on a 2003 2520. I like it as is and visibilty is great.”

Classic Parker Forum

You asked about the show!
Yes, we have been recognized as the Ferrari of the Rib’s world by a majority of people magazines and fans.
Yes, we have been awarded by being one of the masterpieces of the show with that big RIB.
Yes, the Presidential Seat of yours has made a very big effects and impression for the brand. It was of the utmost professional level and the beauty as a seat of that kind can be!

Alp S., BAT RIB – Turkey 2010 8.0m RIB w/900hp

After my first use of a dual pedestal full bench seat running 50 miles home in 3-4 foot seas, this system is a game changer! The seat itself has a firm cushion with a soft compression that takes out the little bumps in the road when they aren't big enough to really compress the shocks much, and when the big bumps pop up the shocks go to work. The independent suspension gives each passenger their own level of compression without effecting the other side. The shock absorbing pedestals and seat respond effectively to anything you can throw at it, and truly eliminates those bone jarring jolts that put your kidneys in your pocket and your spine on the deck. Before I had Seaspension on the boat, my passengers would fight over the bean bags seats, but now they make dibs on Seaspension; it's that good! Not only does it work, it's looks fantastic. My friends say it looks like a transformer, which is now the new name everyone on my boat calls for when making dibs to sit on it. Thank you Seaspension for designing a great product!

Allen A., Seminole, FL. 22’ Aquasport.

Peter, The pedestal arrived right on time. I just installed it (in about 20 minutes - just a perfect fit) and tested it on some three foot waves. What a super ride! The boat was getting pounded but I wasn't. This is exactly what my back needed. I am thinking you ought to be getting a Nobel prize. I will send a couple of photo's from my i-phone. I will give you a call next week to share all the details. I wanted you to be first to know how happy I am with the product.

Steve L., Burnsville, MN 22' LUND Baron

I can't tell you how much more I have enjoyed my boat since installing the Seaspension® shock mitigating seat posts. I spend more time boating, I enjoy the ride much more and I am less fatigued! They are an absolute must for any walk - around or pilot house style boat like mine. The forward helm position of these boats can make for a very bumpy ride in all but the calmest of waters. My Seaspension® seats absorb the shock from most all chop. I'm an offshore recreational fisherman who routinely makes 50 – 100 mile runs out in the Gulf of Mexico in my 25’ Pilot House. Nothing is worse than having to endure hours of back wrenching jarring when running in short interval waves. My choice was; buy a bigger boat or try your shock mitigating seat post system. At first, I was a little skeptical as to whether or not they would make a difference. Now, I can say I will never own another boat, whether it's a center console, walk - around or pilot house, without Seaspension® seat posts. Well worth the money and a lot cheaper than a bigger boat! Great product, thank you very much!

Larry G., Tampa, Florida 2006 Parker 2520 XL

I bought and installed the Seaspension post and it has been super for my old back. I have a folding captain’s seat on top of it. The bolt pattern matched to the old Parker base perfectly & correct height, so piece of cake to install in my 2007 Parker 2120 pilot house. It even dampens the small chop vibrations. ….It is high quality. Should have had something like this a long time ago.

Peter K., Nashville, TN 2007 Parker 2120

“It’s a great ride, sure beats the old seat” 2009 Gravois 35’ with Seaspension Bench at helm and 2 solo Posts in front of Console.

Capt. Joe H. Largo, Florida

"Had chance to really use mine the other day in a chop about 3's and 4's and I found myself bracing for the road bumps but there weren't any. As TOL said it is the "Best Money My Back Has Ever Spent".

Peter P., Wakefield, Rhode Island 2007 Parker 2120 Sport-Cabin Modified

“Went out with reports of one foot chop and found 6ft rolling waves with white caps and was able to sit down the entire time”

John H., Calabash, North Carolina 2005 Parker 2330

"On February 19th I was introduced to Peter Burer at the Miami boat show. He introduced me to Seaspension. I was very interested in the product because I race offshore power boats. We retrofitted my existing bolster seats with a new tripod design. Since that time I have participated in three high speed Poker runs. I have found that the seats really work. I am pleased with the product results. At 85 miles per hour I was able to pilot the boat while sitting in the bolster seat. I recommend this product for any serious boater." Sincerely,

Craig D., Naples, FL 33' Scarab

"The Seaspension® tripod bolster configuration, with Mitigator seat cushion and PPI racing seat provided by High-Priority Offshore Racing Team, were tested at Sea Systems Impact Testing Laboratories. The first test was a 5.5 G test, using the equipment stated, and results showed that the mannequin felt an impact of approx. 2.5 G's - a 55% reduction. The second test was conducted at approx. 24 G's, using the stated equipment, and results showed that the mannequin felt an impact of approx. 3.5 G's - a reduction of 86%"

(Photo Courtesy of SEA Systems Group)

"Without a doubt, the center attraction of the Avenger's interior was the seating system. These ultra-cool tripodal bolsters featured variable-rate springs and hydraulic shock absorbers in each pedestal. Every off-shore boat should have seats this good."

Power Boat Magazine Performance Test 38' Powerquest Avenger

"I tested the new Seaspension post on our 20' Auqasport chase boat in three to four foot chop on Tampa Bay during one of our northern weather fronts. I have to let you know how incredible this product performed. Before, In this type of condition I could never sit in my seat, but would have to stand and hold the console "T" top rail in one hand and the wheel in the other, it was very fatiguing. Now, sitting in the seat, I can keep the boat on plane, keep both hands on the wheel for safety, stay in the seat after hitting a few five foot waves, and didn't feel any impact shutters that normally go up my spine during a trip like this. The Seaspension post does what it is supposed to do--It's a great new product very much needed in the boating industry."

Jopie H., Tampa, FL 20' Aquasport

The seats are still working great for me. Definitely the best boat accessory purchase that I have made. That is a great product - durable no signs of corrosion.. and I pound the heck out of my boat on a very rough North Pacific Ocean. Worth every red cent!

Jock V., Portland, OR 2003 North River 21’ Seahawk

Thank you very much for your invitation to participate in the sea trial of the Seaspension shock-absorbing seat. You installed the shock absorbing Bench in my 26' Scarab Sportster and it has performed beyond my expectations. The posts are of superior quality, and with approximately 150 hours of offshore abuse, are proving their durability. The seat has allowed me to make 25-35 mile offshore trips with ease and comfort. The ability to sit down in 3-5 ft. seas, being isolated from the pounding of the boat, allowed me better control, faster speeds, and less fatigue. I have also found the posts performed well under less demanding circumstances. My wife and I like to take an occasional dinner cruise, and she's found that they have provided her isolation form the jolts that irritate her bad back. Now she won't cruise without them! After using the Seaspension product, I'll never go back to a rigid post again! This is one boating accessory I highly recommend for any size and type of boat.

Alan H., Largo, FL 26' Scarab Sport Fish

It is the intent of the race team to field a competitive race boat for years to come, and we are looking forward to working with Seaspension Technologies, Inc. along the way. We feel confident that by adding the Seaspension product to our race boat, it will give us that leading edge. The world of Offshore Racing can be very demanding, and at times we will find ourselves racing in 8-10 foot seas. By improving the ride quality of the race boat, the driver and throttle man can stay focused on the task at hand. This translates into a much safer boat, as we won't get jostled about running the boat at maximum speeds.

Warren M. High Priority Offshore Racing) 29' Joker Race Boat

It is rare for a consumer to write a letter raving about a product, however in the case of the Seaspension posts, it is a well-earned compliment. Your posts were recently installed on our Boston Whaler, and the results have been dramatic. In our case, my wife has severe back problems and we were searching for a product that would ease the jarring motion. She loves boating but couldn't really enjoy the outings. With your posts however, the impact is diminished so much -- even in the Gulf's choppy waters, boat rides are now a joy.

Juan & Eva J., Clearwater, FL 20' Boston Whaler

You have a great product! Hopefully, all major boat makers will one day use your pedestals. Owning various boats for 40 years, I can confidently say all open water watercraft could benefit by using your pedestals. I have always been a Gearhead, quarter-mile drag racer and scuba-diver doing various restorations. It was fun installing your Seaspension on my leaning post. This spring it will be 9 months since my neck fusion and I should be ready by then to tackle Big water. I hope this helps get the message out about your product.

Wade P., New Market, MD 1988 Wellcraft 30 Scarab CC

My husband and I have been boating for quite a few years and have participated in a fair share of powerboat races on both Lake Havasu and Lake Mohave out on the West Coast. I must say, even though I enjoy the speed, my back and neck often suffered the consequences and my husband always got an ear full of complaints. Last year we built a new custom boat with a lot of horse power and installed your Seaspension Pedestal for both the driver and side passenger. Oh my God....what a difference!!!!! No matter how choppy the lake is nor the speed we are attempting, my body no longer is getting beat up. It has made boating fun again and I'm sure my husband appreciates my silence. I really can't even envision ever building another boat or even wanting to ride in someone else's unless Seaspension Pedestals are installed!

Cydney. O., Seal Beach, CA

Almost a year ago I spoke with you about putting Seaspension in my Ranger here in Southern California. You sold me a pair, and for the last 6 months the boat has never been more comfortable to run. I run from Long Beach to Catalina Island almost once a week fishing. I fish all of the SWBA, (Salt Water Bass Anglers), tournaments which are team tournaments. My partner and I pre-fish every weekend there is not a tournament. My partner wants me to put in seatbelts so he can sleep on the way over.

Brant McG., Pomona, CA 2006 Ranger 2000 Bay

Having been a yachtsman and a chiropractic physician for over 30 years and spending a lot of time on the water, one of the most uncomfortable situations one can be in is 3-4 foot chop in a powerboat. Standing and bending your knees for hours, going from point A to point B in a powerboat creates severe pressure on the knee joints and severe muscle spasm of the lower lumbar spine, causing patients to come to their chiropractor for treatment. I tested a Seaspension pedestal in 3-4 foot chop on Tampa Bay and was able to sit on a seat and adjust to the wave action, taking the pressure off the spine and the knees. I was able to steer the boat and keep it on a high-speed plane without injuring the spine or knees that have grown older with time. I believe this is a great invention. It should be in all powerboats to make them safer and more comfortable.

John J., D.C. St. Petersburg, Chiropractic Clinic