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With December almost halfway over and the holiday season in full swing,  there are a few activities that are on everyone’s agenda to celebrate the holiday spirit. For boat owners, the excitement that accompanies holiday boat parades and decking out your vessel with festive colors is in the air. Whether you’re in the parade or simply an observer, maintaining proper safety protocol is of the utmost importance. Besides having a designated skipper, we’ve gathered some helpful advice for enjoying the season while staying safe.  
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Weight Watching  

The holidays put us all in a festive mood, and we want to extend the holiday cheer to everyone we know. That said, it’s essential to be mindful of the weight limitations of your vessel. Don’t try to go beyond this capacity, and keep in mind that excess people and decorations can limit visibility, which is important to maintain.  

Be Mindful of Nighttime Conditions  

As we just mentioned, maintaining visibility is essential when operating any vehicle, be it a car, truck, or boat. Consider your experience with operating a  boat at night and the addition of holiday lights on your vessel changing your visibility. Operating the boat in tandem with the other participants involves remaining alert to obstacles and maintaining proper speed. 

Don’t Forget Your Life Jackets  

Life jackets might not be on your list of things to wear to a party or celebration,  but there’s nothing more critical to any boating experience than safety. Make sure there’s enough on board for your guests, and remind them to dress warmly. 

Captain Tom Van Sickle from No Fear Boating Offers Tech Tips

"When participating in a night boat parade it is extremely important to pay attention to safe distances between other vessels in the parade, it is advised to use a GPS to know the locations of your channel markers, markers are reflective and some are lighted however they can be very difficult to see. Have fun and boat safe!"

Enjoy Yourself!  

Any experience on a boat should be enjoyable, and so should the holidays.  Remember to enjoy yourself and be safe. Savor the moment; this wonderful time only comes around once a year.  

Seaspension - We Got Your Back  

Back andumbar support is an important aspect of boat safety. A smooth ride equates to one that causes less stress on your lower extremities. At Seaspension, we got your back. Our custom-made seat pedestals are meant to keep you comfortable and safe as you traverse the seas so stay safe this sea-son. For more information on us and our products, check us out at

Whether you’re an experienced mariner or still getting your sea legs, boat show season can provide you with plenty of excitement. Whether you’re in the market for a new boat or you just want to discover the latest and greatest innovations and accessories, there’s much to do. The question is, how do you maximize your time to ensure a rewarding and fulfilling experience? Well, we’re about to find out. 
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Make Plans Ahead of Time 

If you’ve ever been on a lengthy aquatic adventure, you probably know the importance of charting a course and estimating distances and durations. Well, a boating show operates on very similar principles. Some research is needed, and planning a proper itinerary will allow you to plan your day without too much fatigue. One important thing to remember is that a major step in being prepared is knowing what to wear—both on your back and on your feet. Depending on the time of year the show takes place, you should dress accordingly. Also, boat shows take place over large areas, so bring adequate footwear. You’ll most likely be doing a lot of walking. Some attendees have attested that finding a place to take a break can be somewhat of a challenge, so plan accordingly. 

An All Day Event 

Depending upon how much you want to cram into a single day or two is up to you. That said, boat shows are an all-day event; from sunup to sundown, there are a variety of activities that take place. Maps and wi-fi are available, and there are usually free classes and family-friendly entertainment to plan the day around. While there are more than enough fun things to enjoy for the entire family during the daytime hours, things really get exciting at nighttime. Some of the best networking and social events happen when the sun goes down, from parties to catered events with cocktails. 


While planning ahead and picking which events and booths you want to attend are important, the other part of any boat show is the willingness to be flexible. Buying tickets in advance can save a lot of time from standing in line. Boat shows typically last for a week. And while visiting on the weekday might not be possible, it’s important to remember that the weekend tends to be packed and get busy. It’s a good idea to consider whether you want to drive or take public transportation, as event parking can be quite costly. Some locations have an occupancy limitation, so prioritizing which places at the show you want to visit become a priority. 

Seaspension - We Got Your Back 

While you might not think too often about the pedestal holding your boat seat, it’s important to have a smooth ride that puts as little stress on your posture as possible. Seaspension specializes in this area, and we have your back. For more information on us and our products, visit us at

Many of us have a strong predilection towards the various upgrades we desire to enrich our quality of life. When it comes to owning a boat, the desire to outfit your vessel with the latest and greatest devices and innovations can sometimes be all-consuming. Today, we’ll help you prioritize your wish list of the hottest items to enhance your maritime experience. 
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What You Want vs What You Need 

Let’s say you go to a boat show and look at all the hot items that have come out this year or are going to be released shortly. Many of them appeal to your desires for the perfect vessel. Some might be costlier than others, and others are desires because of impulse and not a necessity. This is where the question of what you want vs. what you need comes into the equation. This is a difficult distinction to make sometimes, so we’ll go over the process in terms of what your boat might need and what you might want for your boat. 

For instance, if you use your boat for pleasure cruising. Items that increase your comfort are something you might want. That said, the most important aspect of such an activity is the mechanical reliability of your vessel when you’re water-bound for lengthy periods of time. Keeping up with maintenance and repair and ensuring that all critical systems are operating correctly should be a priority. Just as important is having the proper safety equipment onboard and having the proper knowledge of how to use it.

Once funds have been allocated towards maintenance, other items such as seating, electronics, and other amenities can be upgraded. Taking care of the basics first and carefully allocating your funds to do so will open up the possibility for more luxurious items in the future. Another important aspect of your boat that you should prioritize is the access and utilization of items that are put in place to increase health benefits. These include first-aid kits, lifejackets, and basic navigation tools that can be utilized in the event of mechanical failures. These include items such as homing beacons, signal flares, and a working VHF radio. At Seaspension, we specialize in boat seat pedestals. This upgrade constitutes safety and comfort by ensuring that your back is properly taken care of when you’re piloting your vessel. Even if you’re not someone who goes full throttle on the ocean waves, proper care of your spinal cord should always be a priority. 

Seaspension - We Got Your Back 

No matter what you might use your vessel for, taking proper care of yourself and your vessel is of the highest importance. At Seaspension, we craft seat pedestals that can ensure a smooth ride and enjoyable maritime experience. For more information on us and our products, visit us at

It’s important to winterize your boat even if you aren’t sure whether your area will encounter freezing weather. That way you’ll have your seacraft in optimal condition for awesome trips and excursions in the spring and summer. Here’s a checklist of things you can do to winterize your boat.
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Winterize Your Boat Checklist

      • Boats come with either an inboard or outboard engine, depending on their specific purpose and manufacturer. You should handle these with some of the preventative maintenance you would do on your car, especially by replacing the oil and oil filters. It’s also important to flush the engine with fresh water, circulate antifreeze through the manifold, spray the cylinders with fogging oil, and wipe things down with WD-40. Finally, make sure all the parts have lubrication with water-resistant grease.
      • It’s common for the stern drive to accumulate lots of algae and barnacles throughout the year, so clear away all of it. Then drain the gear case and look around for moisture. That’s where it’s important to inspect for leaking seals and to ensure adequate fluid levels. If you aren’t sure how to do this, you can either take your boat to a mechanic or follow the manufacturer’s recommendations in the owner’s manual.
      • It’s always a wise idea to have your boat gassed and ready to go. Plus, it helps mitigate condensation in the fuel tank during the off-season. You can also add a fuel stabilizer and replace the fuel filters and water separators. 
      • Many modern boats have their own freshwater systems, which require seasonal cleaning as well. Since it’s “fresh” water, you’ll want to drain it and run a non-toxic antifreeze through the various faucets, water heaters, and fixtures. 
      • There’s probably a lot of expensive gear on your boat. Take some time to remove or secure any important electronics, safety equipment (flares and life vests), fishing gear, and so forth. Don’t forget to cover your boat with a tarp or shrink wrapping.
      • Consider placing Damp Rid or some other dehumidifying device through the cabin and engine room if possible.  Reducing moisture from condensation prevents mold and minimizes corrosion.

At Seaspension, we’ve got your back! One of the best moves you can make to help your boat run smoother is to install Seaspension before winterizing everything. The purpose of all our products is to help you reduce fatigue and enjoy a more comfortable ride.

Our previous clients tell us that getting our pedestal products was one of the best investments they’ve ever made. If you’d like to learn more about winterizing your boat or anything we offer, contact us at 727-216-9639.

How prepared are you to drive your boat through turbulent seas? It’s something you’re bound to encounter at some point if you enjoy the open water. Seaspension has many boating products and solutions for making rough seas more tolerable, but it also helps to know how to navigate difficult waters. 
ranger boat seat pedestal

Tips for Navigating Turbulent Waters 

At Seaspension, we believe it is most important to be safe and enjoy your time on the water. Our pedestals help you to do just that by mitigating the shock of rough sea conditions and by protecting the captain and passengers from the jarring of pounding across the waves. Do not overestimate your abilities and take your time to develop your boating skills to remain calm and safe on the water.  

Contact us to learn more about the Seaspension difference by calling 727-216-9639.

It’s time to get excited and let your enthusiasm ramp up; boat show season is almost here! Boat shows are exciting for not just enthusiasts of aquatic activities but kids and the companies who have a chance to showcase their newest products for the upcoming year. Ever since restrictions have been lifted following COVID and life has returned to a relative state of normalcy. This return has been accompanied by millions of people taking to the water and getting the chance to stretch their sea legs. The season attracts hundreds of thousands of new and experienced mariners, and the season gets more thrilling with each passing year. 
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Fun for the Whole Family 

Boat shows might be geared towards boaters, but they’re enjoyable for the entire family. Just like your kids enjoy spending time with you on your nautical journeys, they’ll have plenty of fun seeing all the new and exciting boats on display. Many industry booths give out free promotional items such as pens, tote bags, and coozies. Letting the kids go around the different booths with tote bags in hand to collect the various trinkets will be fun for them. Not to mention raffles, giveaways, and contests that take place. 

Things to Keep an Eye For 

As any experienced boater will tell you, there’s more to the industry than just boats, life vests, and taking to the waves. At any boat show, you’ll get the chance to see the latest and greatest innovations in the way of stereos, flooring, seating, navigational aides, and electronics. The rate at which new products are being developed is incredible, and this is a chance to see what’s new, exciting, and breathtaking. 

Upcoming Shows to Catch Seaspension At 

At Seaspension, we've got your back. And what's more, we've got some exciting boat shows coming up quickly that you'll get a chance to catch us at. Industry members and enthusiasts can kick off 2023 at the St. Petersburg Boat show in January. There were a lot of shows that had to be postponed during the pandemic, but with restrictions now a distant memory, many of the postponed events will be taking place! It's the perfect time to get your sea legs.

For more information on Seaspension and the exciting products, we have to offer, come visit us at

Have you had back surgery, a recent back injury or a lifetime of boating just catching up with your back? Equipping your boat with a suspension seat could be the key to getting back to boating sooner and being able to stay out longer.  
ranger boat seat pedestal
At Seaspension, we have had many customers with back issues and some have even faced the possibility of even having to give up boating entirely. These same customers reach out to us regularly to say that our Seaspension pedestal saved their boating hobby or career.  

Seaspension pedestals greatly reduce the jolting impact of cruising across the water. It noticeably and significantly cushions the ride of the seat’s occupant as well as protects and prevents injuries for people who have not yet experienced symptoms. Boating can be hard on the body of both the captain and the passengers and retrofitting your existing pedestal with Seaspension is an easy way to minimize potential damage.  

It’s definitely a bummer when you can’t go boating and fishing for a while, but it’s vital to follow a sensible protocol when returning to those activities after serious surgery. We can give you a few pointers on that and recommend a way to make boating easier on your back. 

Boating After Back Surgery - General Recovery Considerations 

There are certain factors that determine how fast you’ll recover from back surgery. This includes your overall health, age, how physically active you were, how well you perform post-surgery rehabilitation, and your mindset. Yes, attitude and mindset play an important role. 

The type of back surgery will dictate recovery speed as well. A microendoscopic discectomy is less invasive than a spinal infusion surgery. Your physician or surgeon should be able to outline a recovery prognosis. They can also give you an idea of when you can return to boating and other physical activities that impact the spine.

Other Issues & Things to Avoid 

When you finally return to boating and fishing, you’ll want to take certain precautions.  First, you’ll want to avoid sitting in one place for too long. Even though fishing requires being still for a while, your body has to move more to promote circulation and stretch all the important muscles. 

Consider Getting a New Boat PEDESTAL to Help Your Back 

Our mission is to create a smoother boat ride for you with products like our  Seaspension Boat Seat Pedestals. It’s a great way to help to get back into your boat without the wavy or bumpy experience that comes with operating a powerboat. There  are many benefits to adding a boat seat pedestal: 

These boat seat pedestals really do make a difference. We even have a terrific  testimony from a Maryland Dentist who bought one: 

You cannot make up terrific results like that. 

Seaspension operates out of beautiful Largo, Florida, making the boat accessories and products that can make your boat ride much smoother. This is a nice luxury for any sea-going enthusiast, but especially for anyone recovering from a back injury or surgery. If you’d like to learn more about our products, contact us at 727-216-9639.

Seaspension looks forward to doing business directly in Panama this coming  September as part of an export sales mission with other local businesses, sponsored by Florida Enterprise. We produce a lot of products for international clients like them and look forward to making new partnerships with customers who depend on our shock-mitigating seating systems products and accessories. 

Panamanian Coast Guard Uses Seaspension Boat Products  

low profile pedestals
Florida Enterprise invited Seaspension to join them on this mission along with a  delegation of Florida businesses because of our exportability and time-tested quality production work in the marine industry. In fact, The Panamanian Coast Guard chose to equip their fleet with a bulk order of custom-colored Seaspension pedestals just last year. 

Helping military and commercial groups find boating solutions is nothing new to us.  We’ve done equivalent work for military and law enforcement clients like the Stamford  Connecticut Police Marine Unit, the Mayport Navy Afloat Training Group, the U.S.  Coast Guard, and several others.  

For years, Seaspension has had a consistent international presence with inquiries about our products and satisfied customers across the globe. Our shock-absorbing boat seat pedestals continue to improve the ride of boaters worldwide, as far-reaching as in Australia.  

A picture is worth a thousand words, so you should visit our gallery section on our website to visualize the awesome quality and craftsmanship of our work. 

Florida/Panama Business Facts 

Another reason we enjoy doing business with Panama is that it’s an important target market for the U.S. (especially Florida). Panama uses the U.S. for export purposes more than they do any other country. Here are a few things to know about  business in Panama:

Seaspension is honored to be invited to business opportunities like these through the invaluable support of local business and governmental partnerships. We exist to help folks enjoy a smoother experience on the seas. This mission will be a tremendous benefit for local Floridians, as well as all our neighbors throughout the Gulf area and the Caribbean. Since Panama has been a big service area for us, we’re happy to see increased market activity there. 

Feel free to contact us if you’d like to utilize our services and boat upgrades by calling  727-216-9639.

If you’ve clicked on this link, let us be the first to welcome you to Seaspension! In this article,  you’ll find out who we are, what we offer, and how we can make your boating experience shockingly smooth. We invite you to read on; you might be surprised at how much we have to offer.  
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What is Seaspension?  

Seaspension is the innovator and manufacturer of shock-absorbing boat seat pedestals that reduce the impact you feel while underway. Our story begins with our founding in 1999 by Peter Burer. His ultimate goal was to develop a pedestal that was easy to install and provide comfort and safety for boaters on the water.  

What Seaspension Offers  

Our shock-mitigating pedestals can be retrofitted on a wide variety of boat brands and seating setups. For over 20 years, Seaspension has offered the perfect solution to boaters needing a smooth ride to protect their backs and knees from the jolts of cruising across the water. Our expanded line of pedestal heights meets the need of an ever-evolving market of boat layouts. 

Recreational Boater 

We offer the ideal products engineered for maximum comfort for the casual fisherman or pleasure seeker who enjoys taking to the sea during their downtime. You no longer have to stand during your boating trip to feel secure; you’ll be able to sit down, relax, and enjoy the trip with more pleasure and less fatigue.  


Do you use your boat for business? Maybe you’re a tour guide or towing company. Seaspension can make your employees and customers experience the most comfortable ride they’ve ever had. Working in the commercial boating industry equates to fatigue and long hours of being on the water. You’ll be able to handle the waves and the day's catch with much less stress.  


We’re proud to offer our products for military use as well. Specially designed for high impact and frenetic speeds, Seaspension will look after the integrity of our military and first responders who risk their lives every day to keep us safe.  

A Pedestal By Any Other Name…

Our proprietary technology offers unparalleled performance across a wide range of applications to meet the needs of boaters today. We believe in providing the very best in comfort and quality.  To get a quote, view our products, and see which one of our systems will amplify the comfort of your next boat trip, visit us at  

Life is too short to be uncomfortable at sea.

What are some fun boating accessories to keep on your boat?

As the days tick by and we get closer and closer to ending the coronavirus pandemic, more people are beginning to go out on the water for boating adventures with their friends and family. In fact, we’re betting that a lot of people reading this right now are actively planning their next excursion whether it’s a high sea adventure or a relaxing lake get-together after a long week.

One of the greatest things about owning a boat is the many different types of accessories that are available, be it for safety, convenience, or entertainment. There are thousands of items on the market and we’ve compiled some of our favorite fun boating accessories that would make a great addition to any vessel.

Beverage Cooler

Whether you’re going for a quick jaunt out on your boat or planning some type of celebration, you should always have a beverage cooler onboard. There are several different sizes available, which means that you can pack for a family of four or for a party of a dozen or more. You can even pick up a couple beverage coolers, one that holds water, soda, and juice for everyone.

Boat Seat Umbrella

Anyone who’s spent more than five minutes in the Florida sun knows just how quickly things warm up. If you’re in the captain’s chair, you’ll constantly have the heat beating down on you. While you can wear a cap or hat, that will only provide a small amount of protection. The best solution is to pick up a boat seat umbrella, which will cover the entire area and keep you in the shade throughout your boating excursion.

Portable Hammock

If you can’t visit paradise, why not bring paradise to you? There’s something truly special about being on a relaxing lake or ocean and then taking that up a notch by laying on a hammock while feeling the ocean breeze and listening to the sounds of the water. Portable hammocks are easy to set up and will collapse into the size of an average folding chair. This also means that you can take it from you on a friend’s boat too!

Bluetooth Speakers

The world simply wouldn’t be the same without music, and we’d venture to say the same about a party out on the ocean. If you want to crank your tunes with family and friends, or just want something to listen to while taking out your wife and kids, a pair of Bluetooth speakers will be perfect. They can be connected to your smartphone, tablet, or other device and be placed anywhere you see fit.

Waterproof Camera

Every boating excursion is an excuse to take pictures – plenty of pictures! If you’re having a party, then grab a camera and capture moments with those onboard. If you’re interested in sea life or fishing for a big catch, you definitely want to have a camera handy.

Even though every smartphone has a camera on it, you don’t want to take the risk of getting it wet. Instead, pick up a waterproof camera that will take great pictures and be protected from damage.

Towable Inner Tubes

There’s just something relaxing about hanging out on the water in an inner tube. Even if you’ve never been out on the river with one, you can probably see the appeal. Towable inner tubes are a great way to let the boat slowly guide you along the water as you kick back with your feet up and enjoy the ocean air. This is also perfect for lakes as you make your way from one fishing spot to the next.

Dog Boat Ladder 

Why does it always seem as if it’s the really big dogs that love to go swimming in the lake? Lifting them up can certainly be a burden, especially since they’re wet and even heavier than normal. The best solution is to use a dog boat ladder. These ladders are easy to use and will enable even larger dogs to climb back onboard once they’ve had some fun doing the doggy paddle.

Shatterproof Glasses

While it may be a stretch to put shatterproof glasses in the category offun boating accessories, what certainly isn’t fun it’s being forced to clean up broken shards of glass if one gets dropped. You especially don’t want to have someone get cut while you’re out on the water, even though we know you’ll have a first aid kit handy. To avoid any such incidents, simply grab a set of shatterproof glasses and be on your way.

Shock Absorbing Boat Seat Pedestal

Sitting in the captain’s chair with no one to answer to but the ocean can be an exhilarating experience. However, the vibrations that you feel from hours of both calm and harsh waves can be uncomfortable at the end of the day, sometimes even leading to injuries and pain. A shock-absorbing boat seat pedestal eliminates these vibrations so that you’ll have a smoother trip. Its easy installation and high-quality construction make it a must-have.

Contact Seaspension® for More Fun Boating Accessories Ideas

As you can see, you can find a wide variety of fun boating accessories for safety, convenience, and entertainment. If you have any questions about how Seaspension® products can help improve your boating adventures or would like to know about Parker Boat accessories, give our team a call at (727) 216-9639 today.

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