How Your Recreational Boat Benefits From a Shock Absorbing Seat Pedestal

Benefits of Using a Shock Absorbing Seat Pedestal

A Seaspension® shock absorbing seat pedestal for your boat is an excellent way to experience a smoother ride while you are out on the water. Seaspension® uses state-of-the-art technology to minimize shockwaves and create a much more comfortable boating experience. This innovative technology is a fantastic way to enjoy any recreational boating activities. Here are just a few of the benefits of using our shock-absorbing seat pedestal for all of your boating needs.

Engineered for Unmatched Comfort

One of the main benefits of purchasing a Seaspension® shock absorbing seat pedestal is that it is engineered for you to experience maximum comfort. Instead of experiencing a rough boating trip, the shock-absorbing seat pedestal will absorb the vast majority of the shock waves. This creates a much smoother boat ride. Seaspension® is using original and proprietary technology, that specializes in helping you maximize comfort and safety during your boating experience. We can also adjust the dampening rate if your weight falls outside our common set-up for people weighing between 170-275 lbs.

Engineered for Rough Seas

We all know that shock loads in a boat do not happen just vertically, but come from all directions. Seaspension® not only greatly absorbs shock loads induced vertically, but also mitigates lateral shock impacts due to its proprietary urethane bonding of the inner tube into the base casting. This provides for a stable, durable, and unique shock absorption system that is normally not found in any other pedestal, regardless if it has a shock absorber, whatever its price range, or intended use. Acetal injection molded bearings inside the pedestal are also capable of absorbing high side loads and are designed to be maintenance-free and last for many years of trouble-free operation. (No thin, cheap nylon sleeve is used here). We bring you all this technology without the high price to give you the best possible benefits of shock-absorbing seat pedestals for your boat.

A Wide Variety of Options for Your Boat

Seaspension® shock absorbing pedestals are available in a variety of different models to suit your particular requirements to ensure that the pedestal is the perfect fit for your boat. A Standard Solo post model # 10xx is an excellent option for many boats. It has a flat top plate and can be bolted directly to most seats. The pedestal swivels 360º and can be outfitted with a fore and aft slider for optimal driver adjustment. Bench model # 20xx is perfect for a bench or leaning post. It has an independent suspension for each pedestal to ensure smooth operation for occupants of different weights without binding. The Spider post model # 30xx is one of our best sellers. It is an excellent way to retrofit your existing 2.875” OD spider swivel to the Seaspension® pedestal while keeping your current seat hardware. Of course, you can also contact the professionals at Seaspension® to help you choose the best shock-absorbing boat seat pedestal. Other Model options are available as well. We will help you find the perfect pedestal to meet your needs and provide you with the best boating experience possible.

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