5 Common Causes of Boating Accidents in Florida


What are Some Common Causes of Boating Accidents in Florida?

Heading out onto the open water with your family and friends always prove to be an incredible adventure for everyone involved. Whether you’re celebrating a special event, fishing for the night’s dinner, water skiing, or simply enjoying the fresh air, it’s always something that you must never take for granted.

Boating is typically a very safe activity that can quickly become a part of your regular routine. That being said, it’s important to realize that boating accidents in Florida can become a common occurrence when people take to the seas but negate certain responsibilities.

Here are some of the most common causes of boating accidents in Florida:

Distracted Boating

The fact that lakes and oceans don’t have a constant stream of traffic on either side of you will often cause boaters to become too relaxed and stop paying attention to the environment around them. Some may even “text and boat” at times. Becoming distracted is the leading cause of boating accidents in Florida according to the Coast Guard, so make sure you’re always paying attention. If your distraction is the result of waves jostling you around and causing you discomfort, installing a shock-absorbing boat seat pedestal will fix that particular problem.

Reckless Actions

Any degree of recklessness while on a boat can create a dangerous situation where you or others may be harmed. This is true for not only the driver who may be speeding or messing around while being the wheel but also for passengers who aren’t being entirely safe when water skiing or taking part in another type of activity. Being reckless is exactly how boats capsize or passengers fall overboard. We all want to have fun on the water, but risking injury or worse simply isn’t worth the risk.

Equipment Failure

Just like with any vehicle, boats can experience equipment failure while in operation, which can leave them in a precarious and sometimes dangerous situation. Accidents involving equipment issues are typically linked to engine or steering problems. If your craft malfunctions, this could cause the boat to crash or even capsize. To avoid boating accidents in Florida caused by equipment, be sure that the vehicle is routinely maintained. Also, keep safety equipment on board such as life preservers, navigation lights, and flares so that you can properly handle a situation if one occurs.

Unsafe Speeds

Going fast is fun and once you get a certain distance from the shore. It may appear as if you can go any speed you like. However, there are always other boats out on the water and when you go too fast, seeing those boats (and any other obstacles) in time to slow down or stop becomes a lot more difficult. Plus, remember that there are laws in the place where you must reduce your speed when you get close to a coastline or anchored vessel. You’ll obviously need to go a certain speed for some activities, such as water skiing, so in these cases, just make sure that you’re paying attention in front of and around you.

Alcohol Consumption

Most boaters understand that drinking while operating a boat is the same as drinking while driving a car. Not only is it extremely dangerous and can cause severe boating accidents in Florida, but it is also against the law. If you are caught operating a boat with a BAC greater than 0.08, then you will be charged with a criminal offense. We understand that boating is a more relaxed type of activity and that it’s common for people to take a beer out on the water, but you must have a designated driver there, too.

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