Have you had back surgery, a recent back injury or a lifetime of boating just catching up with your back? Equipping your boat with a suspension seat could be the key to getting back to boating sooner and being able to stay out longer.  
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At Seaspension, we have had many customers with back issues and some have even faced the possibility of even having to give up boating entirely. These same customers reach out to us regularly to say that our Seaspension pedestal saved their boating hobby or career.  

Seaspension pedestals greatly reduce the jolting impact of cruising across the water. It noticeably and significantly cushions the ride of the seat’s occupant as well as protects and prevents injuries for people who have not yet experienced symptoms. Boating can be hard on the body of both the captain and the passengers and retrofitting your existing pedestal with Seaspension is an easy way to minimize potential damage.  

It’s definitely a bummer when you can’t go boating and fishing for a while, but it’s vital to follow a sensible protocol when returning to those activities after serious surgery. We can give you a few pointers on that and recommend a way to make boating easier on your back. 

Boating After Back Surgery - General Recovery Considerations 

There are certain factors that determine how fast you’ll recover from back surgery. This includes your overall health, age, how physically active you were, how well you perform post-surgery rehabilitation, and your mindset. Yes, attitude and mindset play an important role. 

The type of back surgery will dictate recovery speed as well. A microendoscopic discectomy is less invasive than a spinal infusion surgery. Your physician or surgeon should be able to outline a recovery prognosis. They can also give you an idea of when you can return to boating and other physical activities that impact the spine.

Other Issues & Things to Avoid 

When you finally return to boating and fishing, you’ll want to take certain precautions.  First, you’ll want to avoid sitting in one place for too long. Even though fishing requires being still for a while, your body has to move more to promote circulation and stretch all the important muscles. 

Consider Getting a New Boat PEDESTAL to Help Your Back 

Our mission is to create a smoother boat ride for you with products like our  Seaspension Boat Seat Pedestals. It’s a great way to help to get back into your boat without the wavy or bumpy experience that comes with operating a powerboat. There  are many benefits to adding a boat seat pedestal: 

These boat seat pedestals really do make a difference. We even have a terrific  testimony from a Maryland Dentist who bought one: 

You cannot make up terrific results like that. 

Seaspension operates out of beautiful Largo, Florida, making the boat accessories and products that can make your boat ride much smoother. This is a nice luxury for any sea-going enthusiast, but especially for anyone recovering from a back injury or surgery. If you’d like to learn more about our products, contact us at 727-216-9639.

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