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Whether you’re an experienced mariner or still getting your sea legs, boat show season can provide you with plenty of excitement. Whether you’re in the market for a new boat or you just want to discover the latest and greatest innovations and accessories, there’s much to do. The question is, how do you maximize your time to ensure a rewarding and fulfilling experience? Well, we’re about to find out. 
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Make Plans Ahead of Time 

If you’ve ever been on a lengthy aquatic adventure, you probably know the importance of charting a course and estimating distances and durations. Well, a boating show operates on very similar principles. Some research is needed, and planning a proper itinerary will allow you to plan your day without too much fatigue. One important thing to remember is that a major step in being prepared is knowing what to wear—both on your back and on your feet. Depending on the time of year the show takes place, you should dress accordingly. Also, boat shows take place over large areas, so bring adequate footwear. You’ll most likely be doing a lot of walking. Some attendees have attested that finding a place to take a break can be somewhat of a challenge, so plan accordingly. 

An All Day Event 

Depending upon how much you want to cram into a single day or two is up to you. That said, boat shows are an all-day event; from sunup to sundown, there are a variety of activities that take place. Maps and wi-fi are available, and there are usually free classes and family-friendly entertainment to plan the day around. While there are more than enough fun things to enjoy for the entire family during the daytime hours, things really get exciting at nighttime. Some of the best networking and social events happen when the sun goes down, from parties to catered events with cocktails. 


While planning ahead and picking which events and booths you want to attend are important, the other part of any boat show is the willingness to be flexible. Buying tickets in advance can save a lot of time from standing in line. Boat shows typically last for a week. And while visiting on the weekday might not be possible, it’s important to remember that the weekend tends to be packed and get busy. It’s a good idea to consider whether you want to drive or take public transportation, as event parking can be quite costly. Some locations have an occupancy limitation, so prioritizing which places at the show you want to visit become a priority. 

Seaspension - We Got Your Back 

While you might not think too often about the pedestal holding your boat seat, it’s important to have a smooth ride that puts as little stress on your posture as possible. Seaspension specializes in this area, and we have your back. For more information on us and our products, visit us at

It’s time to get excited and let your enthusiasm ramp up; boat show season is almost here! Boat shows are exciting for not just enthusiasts of aquatic activities but kids and the companies who have a chance to showcase their newest products for the upcoming year. Ever since restrictions have been lifted following COVID and life has returned to a relative state of normalcy. This return has been accompanied by millions of people taking to the water and getting the chance to stretch their sea legs. The season attracts hundreds of thousands of new and experienced mariners, and the season gets more thrilling with each passing year. 
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Fun for the Whole Family 

Boat shows might be geared towards boaters, but they’re enjoyable for the entire family. Just like your kids enjoy spending time with you on your nautical journeys, they’ll have plenty of fun seeing all the new and exciting boats on display. Many industry booths give out free promotional items such as pens, tote bags, and coozies. Letting the kids go around the different booths with tote bags in hand to collect the various trinkets will be fun for them. Not to mention raffles, giveaways, and contests that take place. 

Things to Keep an Eye For 

As any experienced boater will tell you, there’s more to the industry than just boats, life vests, and taking to the waves. At any boat show, you’ll get the chance to see the latest and greatest innovations in the way of stereos, flooring, seating, navigational aides, and electronics. The rate at which new products are being developed is incredible, and this is a chance to see what’s new, exciting, and breathtaking. 

Upcoming Shows to Catch Seaspension At 

At Seaspension, we've got your back. And what's more, we've got some exciting boat shows coming up quickly that you'll get a chance to catch us at. Industry members and enthusiasts can kick off 2023 at the St. Petersburg Boat show in January. There were a lot of shows that had to be postponed during the pandemic, but with restrictions now a distant memory, many of the postponed events will be taking place! It's the perfect time to get your sea legs.

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