If you’ve clicked on this link, let us be the first to welcome you to Seaspension! In this article,  you’ll find out who we are, what we offer, and how we can make your boating experience  shockingly smooth. We invite you to read on; you might be surprised at how much we have to offer.  
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What is Seaspension?  

Seaspension is the innovator and manufacturer of shock-absorbing boat seat pedestals that  reduce the impact you feel while underway. Our story begins with our founding in 1999 by Peter  Burer. His ultimate goal was to develop a pedestal that was easy to install and provide comfort  and safety for boaters on the water.  

What Seaspension Offers  

Our shock-mitigating pedestals can be retrofitted on a wide variety of boat brands and seating  set ups. For over 20 years, Seaspension offers the perfect solution to boaters in need of a  smooth ride to protect their backs and knees from the jolts of cruising across the water. Our  expanded line of pedestal heights meets the need of an ever-evolving market of boat layouts. 

Recreational Boater 

We offer the ideal products engineered for maximum comfort for the casual fisherman or  pleasure seeker who enjoys taking to the sea during their downtime. You no longer have to  stand during your boating trip to feel secure; you’ll be able to sit down, relax, and enjoy the trip  with more pleasure and less fatigue.  


Do you use your boat for business? Maybe you’re a tour guide or towing company. Seaspension  can make your employees and customers experience the most comfortable ride they’ve ever  had. Working in the commercial boating industry equates to fatigue and long hours of being on  the water. You’ll be able to handle the waves and the day's catch with much less stress.  


We’re proud to offer our products for military use as well. Specially designed for high impact and  frenetic speeds, Seaspension will look after the integrity of our military and first responders who  risk their lives every day to keep us safe.  

A Pedestal By Any Other Name…

Our proprietary technology offers unparalelled performance across a wide range of applications  to meet the needs of boaters today. We believe in providing the very best in comfort and quality.  To get a quote, view our products, and see which one of our systems will amplify the comfort of  your next boat trip, visit us at seaspension.com.  

Life is too short to be uncomfortable at sea.

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