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Benefits of a Fast Boat & Military Inspired Knowledge Base to Create an Effective Shock Absorbing Boat Pedestal

Seaspension® shock absorbing boat pedestal was developed with a focus on limiting the impact loads experienced when a mass object slams waves at high speed, such as when a boat “grabs air” and hits the next wave. The initial experience of an occupant riding a small craft at high speeds is that it takes a toll on the body. This usually takes the form of fatigue in the legs – which act as natural shock absorbers, and perhaps back or shoulder discomfort.

It has long been known by professional boat operators, such as the Navy or Special Operations Forces, that exposure during operations in the open ocean is subject to large vibration and shock forces. Exposure to such forces can lead to discomfort, injury, and performance degradation.

A concern for the risk of injury to boat drivers prompted a study by the Naval Health Research Center to ascertain the exposure coxswains had to various types of injuries when they were operating small boats in the course of their duties. They found in a self-reported study that approximately 2/3 of the respondents had some sort of injury event. Some of the most prevalent injury types were sprain/strain (69%), disc problems (11%), and trauma (11%). Examples of these are the loss of visual acuity, abdominal pain, headaches, back pain, torn ligaments, broken ankles, damaged vertebrae, and damage to internal organs.

Awareness of the potential injury risks associated with high-speed boating prompted us to develop a mechanism that would effectively absorb the impacts normally associated with boating. One does not have to be in a military or professional boating scenario to appreciate the effects a shock-absorbing device can have to mitigate fatigue and possible injuries.

To further educate ourselves, Seaspension® has attended many conferences where the military reached out to civilian companies to explore solutions to various problems. Many highlights of those conferences were focused on fast boat operations and their effect on equipment and personnel. This knowledge base has evolved into a product line Seaspension® is proud to offer to the recreational enthusiast, where cost-effectiveness is just as important as the performance of the product itself. To be sure, the military versions of a shock-absorbing seat can cost upwards of $15 – $20,000 which would certainly be beyond the grasp of most recreational boaters.

Seaspension® came up with a highly effective shock-absorbing pedestal system that has been tested up to 10 G’s without failure, for a fraction of the cost. Our focus has been on the recreational boater, not the military, although we have sold many systems to foreign and domestic military vessels and law enforcement entities as well.

Our Seaspension® pedestals have withstood both actual sea-trial testing as well as in-house tests, and we can provide you with a product that has endured the test of time as well. This is not something most sellers of shock-absorbing pedestals can offer you! We invite you to do your research as we have, to contact us if you have any questions, and we’ll be happy to assist you in your quest for a shockingly smooth ride!

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