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For our prospective customers:

What is the price of a pedestal?
Seaspension currently sells direct to consumers, resellers, and boat manufacturers. The
pricing is always lower when buying direct. Our innovative hydraulic suspension
pedestals start at $825 and up, plus shipping when purchased through us.
How do I purchase a Seaspension pedestal?
Simply call us directly at 727-216-9639, and we will personally assist you in finding the optimal solution for your boat. We accept all major credit cards. You can also conveniently shop online for our products, ensuring you get the best shock mitigation solutions from the comfort of your home.
What information do I need when placing an order?
We will need to know the measurement of the pedestal you are looking to upgrade.This is the measurement from the bottom of your existing seat to the top of the deck. If you want to change the height of your pedestal, now is the time to do that!
We will want to know the general weight of the primary occupant of the seat as each pedestal is tuned for optimal performance. You also need to consider if you would like your seat to swivel and/or slide. Give us a call and we will design a system that works best for you and your boat.
Do you sell seats?
No, we do not carry seating at Seaspension as there are so many options and colors to choose from. We can, however, make appropriate recommendations for your upgraded
seating project. Most customers utilize their existing seating with our retrofittable pedestals.
How long does it take once an order is placed?
We carry all the parts in stock and all pedestals are assembled per order. We usually ship the same or the next day via UPS Ground. Each pedestal ships in its own protective individual box.
Are Seaspension pedestals height adjustable?
No. Our pedestals are not height adjustable due to the complexity of the internal components.
It is pre-assembled at the height that best suits your needs. It is important to measure carefully when selecting a pedestal. You can use this as an opportunity to change the height of
the seat when ordering. You may want to try stacking cushions on your existing seat to determine the height of your best vantage point. Keep in mind you will be doing a lot more sitting than standing as your ride will be more enjoyable.
Can I use my existing seat and footrest with a Seaspension pedestal?
Seaspension is designed to work with most standard seating attachments. We carry footrests that fit our posts and bushings to allow you to reuse your existing footrest, in most cases.

For Seaspension owners:

My pedestal doesn’t feel like it’s moving. Is it working?
The pedestal should not move from merely sitting on it. It is engineered to come under use when the boat is underway, ranging from a light chop all the way up to a rough sea state.
The spring has a variable rate and the damper is velocity sensitive. This proprietary components are engineered to work together to handle a range of rider weights and sea conditions.

If you purchased your boat with Seaspension on it, it is likely that it came with the standard set up, which works for most people (180-230 lbs.). If your weight is outside this range, call us and we can assist in making your pedestal work best for you.
How to operate the handles on the pedestals with swivel?
The Seaspension® forward facing mechanism is designed as a backup lock and must always be used in conjunction with the swivel lock. The swivel lock prevents the Post from swiveling by means of a positive interference lock, which is designed to withstand higher loads placed upon it. With both locks engaged, no undue stress is placed on your Seaspension® Post.

When you wish to rotate the seat, unlock the Swivel Lock knob by turning the knob counter-clockwise several turns, pull the Pull Pinout, and rotate the seat to the desired position. Lock the seat into position by turning the Swivel Lock knob in a clockwise position until it feels tight. (Do not over-tighten, as this will not increase the locking action).

If you hear a ratcheting sound when rotating the seat, turn the Swivel Lock knob counter-clockwise an additional turn or so. This will free up the locking mechanism.
I am seeing a little graphite blowing out the bottom. Normal?
The gray powder is aluminum oxide and it is normal to a degree. Some environments seem to produce more than others. You can rinse it off with a hose and even clean up inside the tube by lifting up the boot and vacuuming.
I received my Seaspension pedestal and the rubber boot is not attached to the base. Why?
The rubber bellows are not meant to be attached to the base. It is not attached for air circulation and to allow for rotation on some models. There is a weighted ring that holds it down.
Looks like there is a crack in the weld connecting the tube to the base. Should I be concerned?
The inner tube is not welded to the base, it is urethane bonded for strength and lateral shock mitigation. The urethane is flexible and sometimes you will see what appears to be a crack in
the hard marine paint (AWL Grip). This is normal and not a reason for concern. The physical attachment and waterproofing are maintained by the urethane bond.

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