Fun Boat Accessories that Will Make You Love Your Boat Even More!

What Fun Boat Accessories Should you Install on Your Boat?

In the grand scheme of things, it hasn’t been too long since sailing the open seas was a primary mode of travel whenever you wanted to go long distances. These days, however, Floridians flock to boating as a relaxing pastime. It’s a way to enjoy time with family and friends, get some fishing done, and maybe even capture photos of a sea creature or two. The act of boating itself is an incredible experience. If you’re like most boaters, you’re always looking for ways to make it better. Today, we’re going to look at a few fun boat accessories that will make you love your vessel and the experience itself even more.

Stove, Gas Grill, or Oven

Many boaters are surprised to learn that almost any food can be cooked while out on the water. There are stove tops, gas grills, and ovens made by various companies that can make any excursion into a full-on celebration. Some of these are geared toward eating whatever you catch from the boat, but you can also cook up hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken breasts, and practically anything else you desire.

Portable Mini Bar

You can’t have a delicious meal without plenty of beverages. Portable mini bars can be installed either permanently or temporarily, depending on where you would like to place them and how much use they’ll get. Some companies can provide custom-made mini bars to meet your specific requirements. Just remember that you can get a DUI while behind the wheel of a boat, so the captain will need to be the designated driver.

Portable Ice Maker

Since there are no convenience stores in the middle of the ocean, you’re typically out of luck when you run out of ice. It’s no secret that warm beer and other beverages aren’t very tasty, so this is a problem that you should definitely take on. The answer is simple. Pick up a portable ice maker to make sure that all beverages stay chilled throughout your trip. Your guests will love you for it!

Comprehensive First Aid Kit

We know that a first aid kid probably isn’t the first, second, or umpteenth thing that comes to mind when you think of having fun out on the ocean. However, this accessory is important to make sure that any illnesses or injuries can be tended to so that the party doesn’t have to stop. Your kit should include bandages, antibiotics, antiseptics, pain relievers, decongestants, antacids, and anything else you think would be appropriate. If anyone in your group is prone to getting seasick, pick up some non-drowsy Dramamine or a similar product.

Boating Sound System

Whether you’re planning some type of special celebration or simply want to blast some tunes as your boat soars across the open sea, a sound system will do the trick. The most current systems are likely to include either a USB port, Bluetooth adaptability, or both that will allow you to plug in your iPod or smartphone. Some units are elaborately designed while others are little more than a set of speakers that act as an extension for your music device, which means you’ll have plenty to choose from.

A Shock-Absorbing Boat Seat Pedestal

As the captain of the boat, it’s difficult to have a good time when the waves are shoving your body to and fro. Even if you’re able to enjoy yourself at the time, the resulting aches and pains that you’ll feel afterward may have you second-guessing your next boating trip. Instead of succumbing to the power of the ocean, installing a shock-absorbing boat seat pedestal that will alleviate these problems.

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There are many fun boat accessories available, but we don’t have room to list them all! If you want to learn more about how Seaspension® products and Parker Boat accessories can assist you with making your time on the water a lot more comfortable and enjoyable, reach out to our experts today by calling (727) 216-9639 to order your boat seat pedestal today!

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