History of Seaspension®

Peter J. Burer was riding in an off-shore sport boat, standing up, holding on as tight as he could while pounding the waves, jarring his legs, back, and neck, when he started thinking that there had to be a better way to enjoy boating by somehow absorbing the shock waves inherent in a boat traveling at high speed or in rough conditions.

He wanted to develop a pedestal that was relatively simple in design without a lot of parts, it had to be retrofittable so it can be mounted underneath existing seats, and it had to be versatile so you can use it both under a single seat, a bench seat, or a booster seat, and it had to be cost-effective. Seaspension ® was born out of these criteria, and a U.S. Patent was awarded, and afterward, several other foreign patents were awarded as well.

Seaspension ® will change the way you use your boat as it offers a level of comfort and safety never before achieved. We have designed Seaspension ® with you in mind.  As boaters, we are all aware that comfort and safety are sometimes compromised by rough seas, which force us to stand up and hang on. With Seaspension ®, we say sit down and enjoy the ride!

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