Marine Law Enforcement & Military Helps Our Shock Absorbing Boat Seat Development

Military and other professionals who use boats in their occupation have for many years been using shock-absorbing boat seats and other anti-vibration methods as tools/equipment to reduce fatigue, injury, and better situational awareness.

It became obvious over the years that coxswains or boat operators on military vessels were suffering from musculoskeletal injuries at an alarming rate. The Naval Health Research Center and the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery conducted a study of self-reported injuries among boat operators in the Special Operations community, which has now become a well-known research source in the industry.

What they found is that among the operators surveyed, 64.9% reported at least one injury event. The most prevalent injury sites in this group are the lower back (33.6%), the knee (21.5%), and the shoulder (14.1%). This data was obtained from the aforementioned research study.

Seaspension® was in Attendance for many years throughout that time period when specialized conferences were held at the Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base in Norfolk, VA. where fast boats, personnel injuries, and ways to mitigate the shocks loads transmitted through hulls were the main topics of discussion. The intent of the conferences was to invite civilians to interact with the military community and provide products and solutions to the various challenges at hand.

Seaspension® had been developed independently when the US Patent Office had awarded the owner of Seaspension® a utility patent. Although Seaspension® was never intended to be sold into the military marketplace, plenty of Seaspension® systems found their way into the Canadian, Trinidad, and US Coast Guards, local Law Enforcement boats, high-speed race boats, and even two Presidentially owned off-shore speedboats. This is a tribute to the engineering and effectiveness that goes into the Seaspension® product line.

Over the years, some of these devices that dissipate routine shock-loads for military operators – some up to 10 G’s and over, have evolved into a state-of-the-art, highly engineered, and complex apparatus that will allow the boat operator to maintain his duties regardless of weather, sea-state, boat speed or other external conditions that come into play when operating a boat.

These engineered seats have further trickled down to the rest of the crew, as it was found that with increased comfort for the boat operator, increased speeds were seen that were not always favorable to the rest of the occupants in the boat.

We found that recreational enthusiasts could use the same attention to protect their bodies the military operators received. And it did not have to cost as much as the seats the military boats were equipped with, some costing as much as $15-$20,000!

Seaspension® takes pride in the fact that a pedestal at a fraction of the cost can do a great job of protecting the recreational boater for many years, as history has borne out.

To find out more about Seaspension® products and how you can benefit from years of development and production of reliable products, call us and ask us how we may help you get the comfort you deserve.

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