Military Vessels


Stalker XT

The perfect seat for extreme operating conditions

  • Reduces jolts through the legs and back
  • Absorbs shock-waves and repeated pounding
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Creates a safer, more comfortable seating environment for you and your crew
  • Proprietary urethane bonding to base castings provides lateral shock mitigation.
  • Engineered for maximum strength

Military Shock Mitigation

Seaspension products can provide advanced cost-effective shock mitigation that will withstand the harsh environment encountered by military users.

Military users have long known about the health and safety benefits that shock mitigation can provide. What Seaspension offers that is different from our competitors is the combination of advanced shock mitigation, a technology that is adaptable to applications ranging from single seats to side-by-side bolsters, and a responsive design capability – all at a reasonable cost. The Seaspension® product line is centered around a simple, yet effective single pedestal concept. We found out over the years that a design originally created for the recreational market was capable of duty in commercial and military markets by combining several pedestals for those extreme conditions. Additionally, single pedestals are used successfully in select operations where boating conditions or position in the boat is predetermined. This is key to providing you with the most cost-effective shock-mitigation solution.!

The pedestal(s) has a unique feature that uses urethane bonding (instead of swedging or welding) of our inner tube to the base casting. This provides for a level of lateral shock absorption that other seats normally don’t incorporate. Single-occupant seats have expanded to Dual Post or Tripod bolster designs, with or without drop-down capability. Two-person seats incorporate either 2, 3, or 4 pedestal systems, all with independent suspension, which accommodates a variety of large or small seat applications.

We are proud to be able to offer you solutions that work dramatically and effectively to mitigate the shock and stress that you encounter every day. Our patented shock-mitigation technologies have been proven on boats worldwide. in addition to our technical capabilities, we are a responsive supplier who works with our customers to meet their custom design, performance, schedule, and budgetary requirements. I invite you to contact us to learn how we can meet your needs.

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