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Seaspension®- The Only Place for Shock-Absorbing Boat Seat Pedestals Factory Authorized by Parker Boats

Why Seaspension® is The Premier Shock-Absorbing Seat Pedestal Developer

The Seaspension® shock-absorbing seat pedestal is the perfect option for creating a smooth boating experience that allows you to enjoy many hours on the open water. Seaspension® also independently tests the shock-absorbing seat pedestal to maximize durability and comfort. You can also choose from various sizes and retrofit the seat pedestal to the vast majority of boats with a rigid post. The Seaspension® shock-absorbing seat pedestal is an original product that is only manufactured with top-quality material to maximize comfort and reduce bloating fatigue. Do not allow your boat to be outfitted with anything but Seaspension® shock-absorbing pedestals, and run the risk of devaluating your boat if you aid the operations of a less than reputable pedestal hawker.

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Seaspension® specializes in premier Parker Boat accessories and is the original innovator for shock-absorbing seat pedestals. Satisfaction is always guaranteed with each purchase, and you will never have to worry about counterfeit products by purchasing directly from Seaspension®. Give us a call at (727) 216-9639 to learn more about Parker Boat accessories and our shock-absorbing boat seat pedestals.

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