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Seaspension®- The Only Place for Shock-Absorbing Boat Seat Pedestals Factory Authorized by Parker Boats

Seaspension® is an industry leader that offers an innovative shock-absorbing boat seat pedestal for recreational boating activities. Seaspension® has over 15 years of experience in crafting top-quality products and is the only manufacturer of Parker Boat accessories for shock-absorbing boat seat pedestals. The superior craftsmanship and the unparalleled flexibility of Seaspension® products are only a few of the reasons why Seaspension® rises above the rest of the competition.

The Original Seaspension® Shock-Absorbing Seat Pedestal

Seaspension® is the only authorized manufacturer of Parker Boat accessories for a shock-absorbing pedestal. Unfortunately, a notable local (St. Petersburg) company also claims to offer Parker Boat accessories by using fake advertisements and creating untested products. These malicious actions mislead consumers by using a new and untested product and purporting to have a relationship with Parker Boat accessories by lifting Parker’s advertisements and showing it on their own social media and/or website. Taking the extra time to verify the legitimacy of a product is essential, as these bait and switch tactics can fool anyone. Be especially cautious when you notice our Seaspension name online and then be misdirected to another website.

How to Avoid Misleading Products

We have spent many years building a solid relationship with a legendary company like Parker Boats, which unfortunately also attracts unreputable companies who like to ride our coattails.

They say imitation is the ultimate form of flattery, but we are not amused by a poser who used to work for Seaspension® and then decides to compete using our reputation and client base to do so.

Why Seaspension® is The Premier Shock-Absorbing Seat Pedestal Developer

The Seaspension® shock-absorbing seat pedestal is the perfect option for creating a smooth boating experience that allows you to enjoy many hours on the open water. Seaspension® also independently tests the shock-absorbing seat pedestal to maximize durability and comfort. You can also choose from various sizes and retrofit the seat pedestal to the vast majority of boats with a rigid post. The Seaspension® shock-absorbing seat pedestal is an original product that is only manufactured with top-quality material to maximize comfort and reduce bloating fatigue.Do not allow your boat to be outfitted with anything but Seaspension® shock-absorbing pedestals, and run the risk of devaluating your boat if you aid the operations of a less than reputable pedestal hawker.

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Seaspension® specializes in premier Parker Boat accessories and is the original innovator for shock-absorbing seat pedestals. Satisfaction is always guaranteed with each purchase, and you will never have to worry about counterfeit products by purchasing directly from Seaspension®. Give us a call at (727) 216-9639 to learn more about Parker Boat accessories and our shock-absorbing boat seat pedestals.

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