Why Veteran Boaters Turn to Seaspension® to Mitigate Rough Boating Conditions

Taking your boat out onto the open seas is one of the most breathtaking and relaxing activities that a person can enjoy. But, as any boater will tell you, rough boating conditions can often put a damper on even the best excursion. To mitigate discomfort and injuries that often accompany rough boating conditions, veteran boaters are turning to shock-absorbing boat seat pedestals for assistance.

Boating Injuries are Common

As shocks and vibrations reverberate throughout your body due to being tousled about by conditions out on the water, injuries like back pain, knee pain, and overall fatigue can quickly set in. In fact, injuries stemming from rough boating conditions are so common that many boaters have accepted them as simply part of the experience despite the existence of helpful products that effectively reduce injuries and discomfort.

Years of Experience

Any time you choose to use a product on your boat, including any type of shock-absorbing pedestal, meant to assist with rough boating conditions, you want to make sure the manufacturer has the experience and know-how to provide a quality product. Seaspension® has been in the industry for more than a decade, honing products and skills to deliver quality products, satisfaction, and performance every time.

Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

You never want to go out on the water with any type of boating product that doesn’t meet high standards. The Seaspension® shock-absorbing boat seat pedestal features lateral shock mitigation using proprietary urethane bonding, sturdy swivels, high-grade shocks, and a hydraulic damper that can be adjusted to your configuration at the factory. Since Seaspension® only uses the highest quality of materials and craftsmanship, boaters can be confident that their products will work properly every time by helping to ease rough boating conditions.

Rigorously Tested

Seaspension® has the utmost confidence in the quality of its products and wants to maintain the trust of every boater who uses them. One way that this is done is through the use of independent, in-house, and sea trial testing that puts these products through their paces to ensure that they work properly and effectively and that they are made of high-quality materials that will last the test of time. This testing reinforces the fact that their products are made to be durable and long-lasting, which is what every veteran boater is looking for.

Retrofits Most Boats

No boat is exactly the same, which is why any type of shock-absorbing pedestal being used to mitigate rough boating conditions must be flexible in its functionality and usage. The Seaspension® shock-absorbing boat seat pedestal has been designed with a variety of pedestal sizes in mind and can be adapted to many types of seats and a common footrest. Veteran boaters can retrofit their classic boats, especially those that use standard rigid posts. The pedestal can be utilized as either a solo post, dual post bench seat, or even as a tripod bolster seat.

Reasonably Priced

While boating itself can sometimes be an expensive adventure, veteran boaters will attempt to get the best price possible on accessories and additions, but they insist on having only quality products. Despite Seaspension®’s amazing ability to mitigate rough boating conditions and the high quality of its manufacturing and craftsmanship, its shock-absorbing boat seat pedestal is reasonably priced so that any boater can pick one up.

Upgrade Your Boat with Seaspension® Today to Mitigate Rough Boating Conditions

Avoiding injuries and discomfort brought on by rough boating conditions should always be a priority for any boater. If you’d like to learn more about Seaspension® products and how we can help you mitigate the effects of rough boating conditions, reach out to us today at (727)216-9639.

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