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Seaspension® Special Promotion: Boat Seat Pedestals

Special Purchase Opportunity from The Original and Best Boat Seat Pedestal Provider.

Seaspension® wants every boat to be equipped with a Seaspension® shock-absorbing boat seat pedestal as a way to achieve a smoother, more comfortable experience every time you go out on the water. This is why we’re excited to offer a $100 discount on some of our existing stock. All you need to do is call (727)216-9639 and we will see what is currently available.

Small, Cosmetic Blemishes Only

The Seaspension® products that are being offered with the $100 discount do not have any defects. The only difference between the products offered with this special promotion is that some of these may have small, cosmetic blemishes that normally would not pass our stringent quality control. These blemishes do not hinder the functionality of the boat seat pedestals whatsoever. Rather than reprocessing the part, we thought you would like to receive the savings instead.

Carries the Same Warranty

It is important that everyone who uses one of our shock-absorbing boat seat pedestals has the backing of Seaspension® following their purchase. Even though these pedestals are being offered at a $100 discount, they still retain the same awesome warranty that our customers have come to expect.

High Standards of Quality Control for Boat Seat Pedestals

Seaspension® does not believe in selling a product that does not meet the highest level of standards. Our quality control guarantees that the pedestals available through this incredible offer meet every functional and mechanical standard that you enjoy with each and every one of our products.

Contact Seaspension® Today for this Special Boat Seat Pedestal Offer

This special boat seat pedestal opportunity is only available if you call Seaspension®’s direct number at (727)216-9639 and request one of these pedestals. The offer is not accessible through email or any type of form found online or elsewhere. This offer is only available to end-users. No Dealers or Resellers, please. If you’re ready to order or have any questions about this promotion or any of our shock-absorbing pedestal products, contact Seaspension® today.

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