Testimonial from Ralph D. – Noose Cat 2700 Catamaran

Greetings, I purchased two Low-profile Solo 4111 Suspension seat posts for a 2000 Noosa Cat 2700 catamaran style fishing boat. Despite this boats legendary soft ride, it’s designed with the helm far forward making the ride at the helm rather bumpy. For this reason, the Seaspension shock absorbing seat posts seemed like a good idea. I was a bit apprehensive…seemed like a substantial investment. Having now had them on the boat for the past year, I can confidently say I have been exceptionally pleased with them. The quality of the build is excellent and their effectiveness at reducing the impact of waves has been impressive. Without any doubt, they made the ride more comfortable. I have been extremely pleased with the purchase and I have no reservations recommending them. For offshore fishing, the autopilot and the Seaspension seat posts were two of the best investments I made. Just one note, while shopping for suspension seating, cost and simplicity was a factor. The Seaspension seat posts were a simpler, more affordable solution compared to some of the more industrial style suspension seating. They were also more attractive and matched out boat styling. There was a similar, slightly less costly product on the market, but we decided the cost difference was not worth the risk. We decided to go with the original product from the company that had designed and perfected this system. We are very happy we did. The manufacturer has been extremely receptive to any pre and post-purchase questions or concerns we had. The experience was so positive, I felt obliged to write this letter of recommendation. If you have any interest in reducing the perceived impact of waves and want a more comfortable ride, I highly recommend you give the Seaspension seat posts a try. Ralph D’Angelo

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